Could weight loss surgery be more effective than diet and exercise? A recent study published in U.S. News Health finds that it very well could be. In fact, for people who have a significant amount of weight to lose, weight loss surgery (like the kind offered at My New Beginning) has been found to produce better results than simply eating right and being physically active.

The study found that of 800 people who had undergone weight loss surgery or non-surgical weight loss treatments, the ones who had bariatric surgery lost the most weight. In addition, those patients also had a remission rate of type 2 diabetes that was 22 times higher than the non-surgical group. They also reported more drastic improvements in quality of life than patients who had chosen other weight loss methods.

While weight loss surgery does pose possible risks, it is clear that bariatric surgery could be a great option for those people who need to lose significant weight and improve their health. For My New Beginning patients, this is great news for the type of results you may be able to expect. For those who haven’t been able to realize the dramatic change they’d hoped for with diet and exercise, this study shows that there is still hope for a better future.

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