Gastric Bypass Surgery - Dallas

Max wgt was 315 lbs! High blood pressure, became diabetic, cholesterol out of limits, both knees needed replacing, ankle reconstruction needed. Not allowed to work at my profession. VERY low point in my life.

Was able to lose 30 lbs before surgery but at the cost of my knees and ankle.

18 months after gastric bypass surgery down to 173 lbs!

New man! Back to work within a few months of surgery. No surgeries needed for knees and ankle! NOT diabetic! No cholesterol med! Less blood pressure med!

Im alive again! My main wish is that SOMEBODY would have kicked my tail way before I got so heavy. The best my past doctors could offer was….. “Just push away from the table”???? I wish I could have thought of that one my self!

That didn’t work. Nor did all the hundreds of diets I had been on in my life. I was heart beats away from dying!

The gastric bypass surgery with Dr Wade Barker, his team and Baylor Scott & White Medical Center SAVED MY LIFE!

Thanks to all. Im alive again!
Brian Nance


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