Nothing appealed to me. I was out of breath just walking up the stairs in my house. Every morning it was a chore to get up. Because of my sleep apnea, I was as tired when I woke up as when I went to bed. And certainly clothes shopping was no fun.
The Athlete Returns
Weight loss surgery builds confidence in everything you do. As the weight falls off, it’s easier to breathe, and you can freely walk around. Even the smallest things get you going.
Weight Loss Surgery Success Story
Weight Loss Surgery Inspiration
Kim Collins Before and After
Bariatric surgery - My New Beginnings
Gastric Bypass Surgery - Dallas
Bariatric Surgery - Before & After
Bariatric Surgery - My New Beginning - Dallas
Bariatric Surgery My New Beginning
Dallas Weight Loss Surgery Success Story
Weight Loss Surgery - Bariatric
Bariatric Surgery - Dallas, TX
Bariatric Surgery Before and After
"On January of 2013 I made the best decision ever, after trying a million of diets I decided to get the gastric bypass, thanks to my friend LaShan Rand that shared the information and gave me the number for Barker Bariatric center."
I had a major wake-up call one day when I stepped on the scale & saw I was 267 pounds. I knew right then that I didn’t look good & I didn’t feel good. Emotionally, I needed to do something.... After losing 130 pounds, I take nothing but vitamins. It’s a transformation that has changed my life. I love me now!
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