Missy after her weight loss surgery“When you spend a lot of time at work like I do, you want your quality of life to be perfect when you’re off the clock. And I simply didn’t have that. I knew I couldn’t spend my precious moments of free time dealing with the limitations that come with being obese any longer.” – Missy


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Missy is no longer living to eat, but eating to live  |  Her story >

Missy, a working wife and mother, leads a busy lifestyle. So for her, it was important to no longer spend her precious moments of free time dealing with the limitations that come with being obese.

Since receiving gastric sleeve surgery in June 2014, Missy has lost an incredible 70 pounds and 60 inches.

“I am no longer limited by my weight. When you’re obese, everything is a struggle. Everything feels like a workout. But not anymore! Since weight loss surgery, my overall quality of life has drastically improved. I plan on making time to run, and I have more energy to cook healthier food options at home with my family. I feel better, I look better, and I don’t have to waste one more minute being unhealthy and unmotivated. If that is not a transformation, I don’t know what is!”

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