This story is especially for you ladies. I personally have more jewelry – costume jewelry, that is – than I will ever need or use in my lifetime. I have two dedicated drawers in my dresser that house nothing but my jewelry: neatly placed in little containers, categorized by color and style, some with tags still on them. When I look at my drawers, I remember the reason behind accumulating such a mass of jewelry.

When I was 400 pounds, I always wanted to look nice and professional. At a size 36 dress and 6X blouse, I just wanted something that would fit my frame and not make me look horrible. I already lacked a lot of self-esteem, and not being able to walk into a store and be able to find anything that fit didn’t help. When I did find something that fit, I would buy it simply because it fit, even if I didn’t particularly like it. However, I could always find jewelry—pretty jewelry that made me feel like I looked nice. I suppose I secretly hoped that people would see the pretty jewelry and my friendly smile and not notice my overwhelming size.

I still have the jewelry, but now that I am more than 200 pounds lighter, when I choose some clothes that I really like and fits me well, I know I don’t have to hide behind my jewelry to look good in them. My self-esteem is so much better now and I find I don’t have to rely on my jewelry anymore. I feel good about myself. Gastric bypass surgery was the tool that I was fortunate enough to discover that made my weight loss possible.

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