My New Beginning, a weight loss program at City Hospital at White Rock, has a process designed to help the prospective patient navigate through before the actual weight loss surgery. Our team is available to help verify insurance benefits and… Continue Reading
The year has flown by and the holidays are approaching. Christmas has always been a fun and exciting holiday for me. It’s my fave of the Five Fs: Faith, Family, Friends, Food and Fun! I enjoy decorating my house, my… Continue Reading
How many times have you resolved to lose weight at the start of the New Year only to find that by the end of the year you have not been as successful as you had hoped—sometimes not successful at all.… Continue Reading
Isn’t it amazing when the Fourth of July comes around that people seem to think everyone wants to go swimming, wear shorts and do things outdoors? I felt like I was the only one who didn’t. I was miserable. I… Continue Reading
This story is especially for you ladies. I personally have more jewelry – costume jewelry, that is – than I will ever need or use in my lifetime. I have two dedicated drawers in my dresser that house nothing but… Continue Reading
I’m a new grandma. I have a beautiful (is there any other kind?) grandson that lights up my world. It has been fascinating to watch him learn and explore. Everything is new and wonderful to him. Recently, he began to… Continue Reading
I remember the Sunday morning when I woke up. I waddled to the bathroom and glanced in the mirror, something I rarely did in those days. As I stood there, staring at my image, I thought, “How did I get… Continue Reading